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Parent FAQ's

When and where is registration?
Registration is done online, you can get the link by clicking Registration from the top navigation menu. We will have in-person registration, please check the events calendar for upcoming dates.

How are teams selected?
Teams are selected by a draft by the managers. Managers pick names from a hat to pick the draft order and it's a serpintine order system. Each manager has ttheir pick until all the girls are selected.

How are team colors selected?
Generally either a new hat pick for team color selection or the opposite from the draft selection.

How are practices assigned?
Managers work with UIC to coordinate days and times.

Our game was rained out / cancelled. What now?

Games are not required to be made up. In the event that we are able to schedule make up games, they will be made up depending on time and field availability. Your manager will notify you of any schedule changes. Additionally, our website and social media accounts will be posted with reschedule / cancellation information as soon as possible.

If we request a coach, can we get them?
You can request a coach, but not guaranteed. All girls are put in the draft unless their mom or dad is a coach, then that team where they are the coach has the player "locked"

Are sisters assigned on the same team?
The default is Yes, always so long as they are in the same division. If sisters are requested to be on seperate teams, that request has to be made during registration.

What if I want a refund?

Our goal is to be flexible and fair. Any reasonable situation which arises, we will respond to. We ask for you to understand our needs of a time frame wherein we can fairly respond. Once teams have been formed and uniforms ordered, barring highly unusual or unforeseen circumstances, refunds will not be issued. 

What are the age cutoffs per division?
Your birthdate as of Jan 1 of the playing year. For example, if you are 12 as of January 1st, you play in 12U. 

Can my daughter play up a division?
Yes. If you know you are moving up in the spring, you may want to move up in the previous year for Winter.

Can my daughter play down a division?

Do you have questions we have not covered here? Please contact us and ask it. We'll add to the page. Click here to email us!