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Equipment FAQ's

What size ball do my kids play with?
6u-T Ball - 10 inch (RIF level 1)
8U - 10 Inch (RIF level 1)
10U - 11 Inch (RIF level 10)
12u - 12 Inch (Dream seam)
HS - 12 Inch (Dream seam)

 What comes with the uniform?
Jersey, Socks. Check with your manager.

What size glove do I need?
Depends on the division. Our recommendation for 12U and up, look for a 12.5 inch or slightly larger. For 10U and below, look for a 11-12inch glove. Grab a softball inside the store and make sure the glove is not too small.

Do I get to keep my uniform after the season?
Yes..please do ;)

Do you have questions we have not covered here? Please contact us and ask it. We'll add to the page. Click here to email us!