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Season FAQ

How will I be placed on a team?
Teams are selected by a draft by the managers. Managers pick names from a hat to pick the draft order and it's a serpintine order system. Each manager has ttheir pick until all the girls are selected. 

How will I find out on which team I am placed?
Usually the day after the draft for your division is when you should get a call from the manager informing you. Check our calendar for draft dates.

 Can I be on my friend's team?
You can request it but there are no guarantees.

When does the season begin and end?
Our Winter season begins September and ends in November and Spring starts in February and ends in May.

Must I wear my uniform to all games?

How long before the game do I need to show up?
This is up to the manager, but generally 1 hour before the game.

How long are the games?
90 minutes long. 6u T-Ball is 60 minutes.

What about scores, standings, playoffs, and trophies?
Wins and losses are determined by the scores at the end of each game. Please refer to the EGSA rules for more details on scores.

Where will games be played?

McCune Park & Providence Park

Will we interleague with another league?

This is undetermined at this time.

Can I play my child up a division?

Yes, we encourage that. Many girls play up in a division especially if they are forced to by age rules the following spring. Most parents want to get their child used to the speed of the upper division before going into spring for the winter.

Do I need to live in Eastvale in order to join Eastvale Girls Softball?

No. We have a growing number of girls from all over the neighboring cities such as Ontario, Chino, Norco, Corona, Jurupa who are joining our program each season.

Coaching and Volunteering

We have an online application for Managers, Coaches and Volunteers. We need coaches, managers and volunteers every year, please volunteer.

Standings are determined by teams records. If there is a tie, placement is determined by head-to-head record of those two teams. (If Team 1 is tied with Team 2, but Team 2 won when those teams played eachother, Team 2 will be ranked ahead of Team 1.) 

Playoffs are played the week immediately following the last game of the regular season. They are played in single elimination tournament format with seeding being determined by regular season standings. 6U Teams do not participate in the season ending playoffs.

Trophies or medals are given based on placement of each season. For more details about trophies or medals for this season please contact your manager. All 6U players receive participation trophies or medals. 

 Do you have questions we have not covered here? Please contact us and ask it. We'll add to the page. Click here to email us!