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Background Check Information

By EGSA, 12/05/17, 8:30PM PST


Volunteer Background Check

Thank you for your time and dedication to volunteer. After the Board of Directors confirms your volunteer spot, you will be directed to obtain a background check from JCSD and USA Softball.  Each year, as volunteers, we are required to complete a JCSD and USA softball background check. These 2 background checks are necessary in order to be on the field or in the dugout with EGSA players.  You can register for  background online.  Please complete these backgrounds as soon as possible.

JCSD Background Check

USA Background Check

Once you successfully submit your background check request, please wait 5 business days for processing and proceed to pick up your badge at either the Neighborhood Center (13099 65th Street, Eastvale, CA 92880) or at the Eastvale Community Center (13820 Schleisman Road, Eastvale, CA 92880) during normal business hours.

You will be asked to pay $2.50 to print your card.

PLEASE NOTE: Your background screening will not be submitted without your Social Security Number or Date of Birth on file. Please verify this information is included and correct on your account.

Please contact JCSD Parks and Recreation at (951) 727-3524 with any questions or concerns.